MiniMet Check Valves

Testable and Standard

The HydroMet Pty. Ltd. MiniMet check valve is manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel to give long life and low maintainance. The MiniMet can be manufactured in various lengths, making it the ideal choice to fit in existing pipelines, replacing previous valves.

The MiniMet’s resiliant seat and spring assisted check makes for a positive shut off. As soon as water flow stops the check valve closes drip tight, preventing reversal of water flow. The MiniMet is available with various tensions of spring, minimising the risk of water hammer in areas of high head pumping.

The MiniMet can be used in the horizontal or vertical plane and can be manufactured as a testable single check valve. The flange to flange length can be varied to customer specification, allowing easy replacement of exisitng check valves.





MiniMets are also available in a testable version, encompasing all the benefits of the standard MiniMet